Win a crypto fungi 🍄 & a bespoke forest 🌳wellbeing retreat! 

We're raising £250k to create a forest of mental wellness in the Peak District.

You'll also receive nature connection & evidenced based wellbeing tips, special updates on the project & how to increase your chances to win. 

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Men Up North is a Registered Charity Number 1195801

World’s first 3D scans of British forest fungi on the blockchain
Exclusive 66 pieces collection
Intersection between technology, nature, mental health and diversity & inclusion
Augmented Reality (A.R) and Metaverse ready

Started in 2017 due to 3 of the founder's male friends died by suicide.

helping men to develop better connections with themselves, their communities, and nature.  

So far, we’ve engaged over 2500 men in activities, and over 6000 people in conversations of masculinity, men’s mental health and created a variety of different projects.

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